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Brand Design

Building a Brand for Restoration

Bringing Systemic Change to the Forefront of a Brand.

Client description:

The client was looking to express what it had uncovered it was truly all about.

The problem:

How can we bring the forefront the systemic change this non-profit was working towards?

  • the organizations mission had recently shifted revealing what the work they were doing was really working towards
  • current brand did not embody this mission
  • brand and web platform were outdated and cluttered with plugins
  • the brand story was disconnected from the actual work

Our process:

We engaged with Makarios International to evaluate the businesses mission and vision and provide a cohesive brand experience that properly represented the systemic change they were working towards. This involved mission research, interface and experience design, management of designers and developers, and training of technology upon delivery.

The solution:

  • Design a new brand (logo's, brand voice, brand story, typography, and color palette) around the mission and vision of the organization
  • Design a website and brand materials that better told their story
  • Develop the new website around the design
  • Launch and train staff on new brand ad website cms technology
  • Provide ongoing maintenance of website and brand collateral
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Product Design

Connecting Teams through UI/UX

Connecting Distributed Teams with a Unified Brand Experience

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