Empowering the Impoverished

How might we design a missional organization to make the most impact for future generations?

Social Impact
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Makarios is a non-profit mission in the Dominican Republic that embodies the attitude of empowerment. They raise funding for students and manage a school with over 200 children in one of the most impoverished areas outside of Puerto Plata. Here, they educate children way beyond just academics. They spend time with each child, counseling and cultivating a sense of hope by empowering them to end generational poverty. Their programs include the Makarios School, Summer programs for local children, Family Empowerment for student parents, and, perhaps most importantly, community impact. While Makarios’s initiatives have produced radical outcomes, the organization had trouble determining how to get to the next step or scale what they were already doing.

Novel Work Co. gladly supports the work of Makarios. We are helping streamline their vision and building humanity-centered programs that will deliver on their mission. Makarios views their work in a “whole-life” approach. Our alignment to that ideal has opened many doors for their future expansion. Their model is quickly becoming one of scaleable impact that affects not only the current generation, but builds the foundation for future generations’ success.

We are currently working on the following initiatives:

•Aligning Vision and Mission

•Designing programs that are human-centered and impact the greater community

•Developing scaleable, repeatable organizational models

•Supporting empowerment efforts to become a Dominican-led and operated mission


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