Human-Centered Culture Change

How do we shift to a culture that develops people to become strong, effective leaders within the organization?

the story

The NRP Group is one of the country's largest multi-family developer and builder. With over 45,000 apartment homes under their belt, 21 office locations, and an ever-expanding workforce, NRP is vigilantly addressing the growth challenges of a highly-competitive market. The industry is known for its rampant toxicity in corporate culture. To develop people who could become strong, effective leaders within the organization, NRP decided they must break the mold and shift the culture to overcome their growth hurdles.

This decision started us on a journey to guide NRP to become one of the most commendable construction organizations for cultivating leaders. With NRP leadership, we instituted annual all-hands gatherings, quarterly staff meetings, and dedicated service projects to propel staff development and create a collaborative environment. Now managers are better prepared to take on the responsibilities at the next level, there is more coordination across offices, and leadership has more insight to the needs of the people operating the business.

We are grateful for our relationship with NRP and are proud to have been a part of designing the culture change that was needed to sustain their growth.

The NRP Group
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