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Leader Development

Managing Higher Volume

Empowering Management to Pursue Growth-Oriented Solutions

Client description:

The client was operating from 5 offices across the United States and had recently added 2 in the New England region.

The problem:

How could we reduce upward delegation of problem solving, empower up-and-coming leaders to take ownership for resolving issues, and meet strategic growth goals?

  • managers were passing problems on to their leaders
  • managers were unable to cohesively develop solutions to critical business issues
  • managers were unable to convey the ROI of solutions
  • managers were pursuing efforts that were not in line with business strategy
  • the company was unprepared to handle substantial, organic growth

Our process:

As part of a leadership development program, we trained middle-managers and newly promoted VPs to utilize methodical and collaborative problem-solving to develop business cases that could be presented to company leadership for prioritization.

The solution:

In 3 months, the group developed 15 business cases. By effectively managing the scope of the initiatives and showing positive return on investment, 13 initiatives were initiated after presentation to company leadership. Managers were equipped with tools to deliberate over problems and compose detailed business cases that aligned with corporate strategy.

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Connecting Distributed Teams with a Unified Brand Experience

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