Gain clarity and confidence in your organizational pursuits.

The Holistic Maturity Model™ gives decision-makers perspective on the health of all critical and interconnected attributes of the organization so they can make clear, confident, and purposeful decisions for sustainable growth.

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Are you really as strategic as you think?

It can be difficult to maximize the ROI of strategic planning efforts because the resulting initiatives are often targeting the wrong problems. Tools like SWOT, BCG Matrix, Eisenhower Matrix, and many others, are all wonderful and recommended, but they are only effective if you have adequate information.

Since organizations operate in dynamic and complex environments, maturity of internal inter-dependent attributes is crucial to solving the right problems. By evaluating maturity, an organization is properly prepared for strategic planning that renders continuous improvement, maximum valuation, and sustainable growth.

Introducing the Holistic Maturity Model™.

The Holistic Maturity Model™ is a framework that helps organizations assess and improve their capabilities. It is based on 3 organic dimensions that contain 10 organic attributes, which are supported by over 60 sub-attributes. Evaluation of the attributes and sub-attributes, along with the interdependencies across them, provides a comprehensive approach for organizations to evaluate their strengths, identify gaps, acknowledge constraints, and facilitate targeted development initiatives.

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The HMM™ Framework

Every organization operates organically across the dimensions of Culture, Capability, and Continuity. Within these dimensions are 10 core attributes, listed here, and over 60 interconnected sub-attributes.

The Holistic Maturity Model™ measures the maturity of the organization in these attributes across 5 unique maturity levels.



The effectiveness of leadership in driving strategic vision, fostering accountability, prioritizing efforts, empowering staff, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.


How people are exposed to and brought into the culture of the organization through shared values, engagement with purpose, clear expectations, adaptation, effective team interaction, and transparency.


The establishment of metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and performance management systems to monitor progress and drive accountability.


The development and management of core business processes, ensuring seamless operations and continuous process improvement.

Tools and Technology

The development and management of core business processes, ensuring seamless operations and continuous process improvement.

Internal People

The organization's focus on attracting, developing, and retaining talented individuals while fostering a culture of learning, diversity, and inclusion. The alignment of the organizational structure with strategic objectives, facilitating efficient communication, decision-making, and cross-functional collaboration.

Value Creation and Delivery

The organization's understanding of customer needs, ability to deliver superior customer experiences, and build lasting relationships through consideration of service delivery, client journey, go-to-market development, market diversity, R&D budgets and designations, sales and marketing effectiveness, storytelling, and market defensibility.

Financial Stewardship

The organization’s competency for financial stability, sustainability, and ability to weather economic uncertainties, while also positioning itself for long-term growth and success.

Partnerships and Relationships

The organization’s competency cultivating partnerships and relationships through alignment with complementary organizations, joint ventures at different levels, engagement with advisors and professional associations, effective public relations, and dedicated relationship management, organizations can foster collaboration, unlock opportunities, and achieve their strategic objectives more effectively.

Governance and Compliance

The establishment of effective governance structures and processes to mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and drive ethical practices. The organization's commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices.

The benefits of organizational maturity

Efficiency & Effectiveness



Talent Attraction

Talent Retention

Adaptable and Resilient

Customer Trust

Stakeholder Confidence

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Field tested and continuously refined.

The Holistic Maturity Model™ is field tested and continuously refined for the best results. Want to see how we built the model?

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What's included?

The Holistic Maturity Model™ comes in 3 versions to fit a variety of use cases and budgets.

Holistic Maturity Model LT

Holistic Maturity Model™ LT

A high-level description of organizational maturity across 10 Organic Attributes. When used for self-assessment, the LT allows executives to see barriers that may be preventing growth and pathways towards a more purposeful, sustainable, and valuable organization.

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Holistic Maturity Model ES

Holistic Maturity Model™ ES

More than just an assessment, the ES builds upon the LT by including the HMM Maturity Playbook which identifies objectives for progressing maturity for each of the 10 Organic Attributes.

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Holistic Maturity Model DT

Holistic Maturity Model™ DT

Our most robust offering, the DT is proprietary survey-based maturity assessment and reporting package for evaluating placement and providing a prescriptive roadmap for organizational development across more than 60 organizational attributes

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Which version do you need?

The Holistic Maturity Model™ is available in 3 versions. Determine the right fit for your organization.


Holistic Maturity Model™ LT
1 time download of the 10 attribute HMM Model PDF
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Holistic Maturity Model™ ES
1 time download of the 10 attribute HMM Model PDF

Lifetime updates of the HMM Model

HMM Maturity Playbook

PDF download of AMSO's

1 hour consultation

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Holistic Maturity Model™ DT
PDF download of 10 attribute model
Proprietary, survey-driven assessment for 60+ attributes
Customized assessment report

Detailed AMSO's for 60+ attributes

Detailed guidance for prioritization of initiative planning

3 hour consultation

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Age doesn't equal maturity. As a 40 year old organization with national market share, we realized we were still very immature. This prevented us from being profitable and ultimately kept us from achieving our purpose as an organization.

- Colt McCarthy, CEO

Q's & A's about The Holistic Maturity Model™

Get a better understanding of how you can use The Holistic Maturity Model™ to gain clarity and confidence in your strategic pursuits.

What is a maturity model?

A maturity model is a framework that helps individuals or organizations assess and improve their capabilities in a particular area or domain. Increasing degrees of maturity or proficiency are described along 5-6 predefined stages or levels. These frameworks generally represent the expected evolution or improvement path along the stages. In their simplest forms, maturity models are often depicted as a ladder or a series of steps, with each level building upon the previous one.

How does this maturity model help my organization?

The HMM™ assists executives and managing teams in understanding where to purposefully invest in organizational development. By assessing against a maturity model, leaders can see areas that may prevent growth, sustainability, and value creation.

What will I be able to do with the Holistic Maturity Model™?

The primary use of the HMM™ is to facilitate strategic dialogue. Team members can participate in self-assessment of the organization to see how maturity is perceived across the organization. This can uncover differences in priorities and assist leaders in reorienting strategic alignment. The model can also be used for a common language and visual aid to support strategic communication.

Are you available to help guide us through the Holistic Maturity Model™?

Our team is available to coach your team through the process, providing more perspective for usage and implementation. Consultation is available with the ES and DT versions.

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