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Novel Work Co. matures businesses across culture, capability, and continuity so they can boldly step into what's next.

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What we do.

Every organization operates organically across the dimensions of Culture, Capability, and Continuity. We help mature these dimensions of your organization so you can boldly step into what's next.

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We believe in purposeful innovation that renders meaningful results for the good of all. Our work streamlines vision, matures organizations to deliver upon strategy, enhances brand culture, and brings meaning to the work you do.

We lead organizations towards

1. Organizational Maturity

Innovation without organizational maturity will not render meaningful results. We work alongside our clients using our Holistic Maturity Model™ to help them properly mature their organization which develops the capabilities needed to catalyze innovation for a better future.

NWC Business Design

2. A Purposeful Brand

Brand is more than visual. An organizations brand fully embraces the organizations vision, mission, and values, and then deploys it in the form experience and strategy to end users, customers, employees, and vendors alike. We partner with ambitious organizations to build purposeful brands that change the world.

NWC Brand Design

3. A Culture of Innovation

Developing a culture of innovation within an organization is essential for driving growth and staying competitive in today's rapidly changing business landscape. We work with organizations to develop a culture that values innovation in an effort to unleash the potential of their employees and drive long-term and sustainable success.

NWC Organization Design

4. Strategies for Scale

Creating strategies for scale allows businesses to capitalize on their growth opportunities and expand their market presence, increasing their revenue potential. We work with our clients to develop creative strategies that help them meet growing customer demands and stay competitive in their dynamic markets.

NWC Non-Profit Design

Some of our recent work.

Our work produces meaningful and lasting results.

Designed and launched a new multifamily vertical
$300m in the first 18 mo.
Designed launch for Classical School
Full Enrollment first year
Culture change initiative for 4th largest General Contractor
Aligned 2,500 people
Designed market expansion strategy
5 states to National coverage
Org restructure for global scale
Increased profitability 12%
Designed and developed technology for scale
300% growth

We believe in the power of purposeful innovation and we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible by anchoring the solutions we design to your why. We strive to create work that is not only beautiful and effective, but also meaningful and impactful.

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