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about Us

Small, but mighty.

Our collective is strategically designed to deliver value.

We've helped clients recently achieve...

Over 300% growth upon designing and launching technology that changed culture.
Over $350m in booked revenue after only 18 months of designing and launching a new vertical.
15 leaders developed to take on Executive roles within 3 years of launching the program.
For the first time in 25 years, connecting 250+ employees around the country to embrace a unified culture.

Our guiding principles.

Purpose drives us
Purpose can sometimes be confusing. It can be tied to competency, culture, cause, or simply what moves you forward. Our job is to find it.
Collaboration brings perspective
We believe in breaking down silos and catalyzing thoughts in order to see the best ideas come to life.
Right is always better
We only work one way - the right way. We start by understanding what the right thing is before we begin designing the thing right. In other words, we solve for the root problems, instead of just giving you a bandaid.
People matter
People are the differentiating factor in almost every sense. Understand them, give them a voice, and catalyze them to do amazing things.
Leadership is key
Good leaders operate at the center of purpose, knowledge, and ability. We have developed a leadership culture in order to deliver the best value to our clients.
Don't go alone
This is a journey. It will be more fun if you take it with a friend. 😃
Experience Design
Open but grounded

We let our work breath. A process of expansion and contraction, gaining insight then honing results.


The expected increase in user activity over the first three months. Most customers see more.


The average increase in subscribers during a one month campaign.

I don't know how I could not afford to work with Novel Work Co. in the way we are engaged. It's transformative, from the inside out.

Colt M.
Austin, TX

Navigating the journey.

Founded on purpose and driven by purpose, our work is strategically and creatively executed.

Build a better tomorrow, today!

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