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about Us

Small but mighty.

Our collective is strategically designed to uncover and capture value.




Care About People

Lead by Example

Empower Others

Experience Design


Purpose-driven distinction.

There is power in perspective.

In 2015, we set out to build a multidisciplinary collective of experienced executives, designers, strategists, and industry leaders to help navigate transformational growth.

Today, we solve some of the toughest organizational growth challenges by pairing strategic thinking with human-centered design principles. Our work is novel - new, inspiring, and innovative - and it confronts the status quo.

Our mission is to move organizations from dilemma to distinction.

Let's take a journey.
Open but grounded

We let our work breath. A process of expansion and contraction, gaining insight then honing results.


The expected increase in user activity over the first three months. Most customers see more.


The average increase in subscribers during a one month campaign.

I don't know how I could not afford to work with Novel Work Co. in the way we are engaged. It's transformative, from the inside out.

Colt M.
Austin, TX

How we work.

We're a collective. That means the more, the merrier. We intentionally partner with like-minded teams to deliver greater perspective and transformative results to our clients.
We're small, intentionally. Our work is deliberate and unique. You might say that we're really strategic about our measurements of success.
We ask hard questions, of ourselves first, and then our clients. This helps us ensure our work is lasting because we have solved for the right problems.
We love craft coffee. Especially, pour over. Feel free to swing by and we'll brew you up some.
The farm.
Hopefully you're not expecting a downtown studio. Our office is located on a farm, where purposeful life takes place. The wide open spaces give us freedom to think and do.

Navigating the journey.

Founded on purpose and driven by purpose, our work is strategically and creatively executed.

Jared Kinchen

Founder & CEO, Chief Navigator
Jared has guided growth for organizations of all sizes and from many industries. He has successfully delivered strategies that have shifted entire cultures, captured value, innovated in crowded spaces, delivered upon experiences, and shaped future leaders. He has personally driven growth for multiple organizations and actively participates on several boards.
Jared Kinchen

Shay Smith

COO, Chief Business Designer
Shay is passionate about serving people and helping them succeed. He fuses academic and creative approaches to facilitate meaningful change. From his point of view, everything operates as a web of systems, and he advocates for observing the components of these systems to create powerful solutions that mitigate risks. Having worked for a decade at the intersection of business and technology, Shay is conversant across all business functions. He is keenly aware of the challenges that inhibit teams from succeeding. Shay received a dual BBA from Baylor University in MIS and Management. He also earned an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Baylor.
Shay Smith

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