Innovation requires maturity to build a better future.

Our solutions combine innovation with maturity to produce purposeful and sustainable growth for ambitious organizations.


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Novel Work Co. helps organizations build a better future through purposeful strategy, innovative design, and organizational maturity.


We help our clients design their organization with purpose. Using our proprietary Holistic Maturity Model™, we guide our clients to become industry leaders in innovation, technology, process, and culture.

Our framework provides a human-centered and purpose-driven approach to redesigning organizations and driving transformation. When you feel like something is off or are unsure of where to lead the organization next, we can help turn dilemmas into decisions.

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Organization Trajectory

Organization Design

Organization Maturity

Research and Innovation


Brand is more than just a logo. Great branding represents your culture and encapsulates your values. It also connects customers and outsiders to the organization’s purpose. Our interdisciplinary collective of designers and developers create strategies, tools, and content to help you level up your brand maturity to communicate your unique story and build value.

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Brand Strategy

Brand Design

Brand Development


Great experiences start with understanding the perspectives of the people we want to engage. Whether a customer service call, employee onboarding, or unboxing your product for the first time, purposeful experience design plays a pivotal role in creating and capturing value.

By co-designing best-in-class experiences, we help organizations mature their capabilities to research relevant markets, invest in employees, and build innovative offerings.

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Customer Experience Design

Employee Experience Design

Service Design

Product Design

As an innovation agency, we believe in the power of imagination. But innovation without organizational maturity does not render meaningful results for a better future. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and strive to create work that is not only beautiful and effective, but also meaningful and impactful.

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