Connecting Distributed Teams

Technology transformation for streamlined efficiency.
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We transformed a client's outdated technology platforms into user-friendly, mobile-accessible systems with streamlined processes, improved transparency, and enhanced security, resulting in an efficient and cohesive brand experience for their distributed team.
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Connecting Distributed Teams


  • Client operating with a distributed team across 15 states faced challenges with outdated technology platforms and inefficient processes.
  • Existing tools lacked user-friendly design, mobile accessibility, and collaboration features, leading to information overload and reliance on IT for support.
  • Our process involved user research, interface design, report rationalization, self-service support implementation, and role-based access controls.
  • The solution included dashboards for management, activity logging, streamlined reports, optimized approval workflows, self-service support platform, mobile-first usability, and role-based access controls.
  • The implemented solutions improved user experience, transparency, accountability, security, and efficiency for the client's distributed team.

Client Description:

Our client operated with a distributed team of nearly 300 employees across 250 locations in 15 states. They faced challenges in refreshing their technology platforms to enhance user experience, streamline processes, and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to proprietary information.

The Problem:

The client's existing technology infrastructure consisted of individual tools developed over the years using various desktop and web-based applications. However, these tools lacked a cohesive design that followed the flow of activities, making them challenging to use. Moreover, the tools were not optimized for mobile devices, hindering remote accessibility. New features were primarily driven by vocal stakeholders instead of prioritizing user experience. The excessive reliance on email alerts, with some employees receiving over 10 per day, created information overload. Furthermore, there was a lack of collaboration and oversight from management, leading to queries about functionality and usage directed solely to the IT department. Additionally, the company's IT strategy emphasized data control and limited integrations with third-party software.

Our Process:

To address these challenges, we engaged with the company to evaluate their use cases and create a cohesive brand experience for internal users. Our approach involved thorough user research, interface and experience design, management of client application developers, and training of trainers. We conducted an audit of existing reports and rationalized them to reduce maintenance efforts while providing relevant and actionable information to staff. Additionally, we established a self-service support platform and collaborated with training teams and IT to streamline the support process. We ensured the system's flexibility to accommodate future business expansions.

The Solution:

Through our comprehensive approach, we delivered a range of solutions to address the client's pain points:

  1. Dashboards for Management: We implemented dashboards that provided management with greater insight into cash flow responsibilities, enabling informed decision-making and improved financial management.
  2. Activity Logging: To enhance transparency and accountability, we introduced an activity logging feature that tracked system usage, facilitating a better understanding of operations and enabling targeted improvements.
  3. Report Rationalization: By reducing the number of reports while ensuring the delivery of relevant information, we streamlined reporting processes, saving time and effort for staff while maintaining data accuracy.
  4. Approval Workflows and Alerts: We optimized approval workflows and alerts, reducing the reliance on email alerts and expediting the execution of approval processes and data entry, thereby improving efficiency and reducing information overload.
  5. Self-Service Support Platform: The implementation of a self-service support platform significantly reduced help-desk calls by empowering users to find answers to common issues independently. This allowed support resources to focus on critical issues and feature requests.
  6. Usability: We developed a mobile-first platform that could be easily navigated and utilized from cellular phones and tablets, enabling field staff to access and utilize tools seamlessly, enhancing productivity and flexibility.
  7. Role-Based Access: By implementing role-based access controls, business units gained better visibility into who had access to proprietary information and tools. This improved security measures and facilitated efficient management of user privileges.

Results and Impact:

By implementing these solutions, we transformed the client's technology platforms, enhancing user experience, streamlining processes, and mitigating the risk of unauthorized access to proprietary information. Our approach also allowed for future scalability and adaptability to accommodate additional lines of business.

In conclusion, our collaboration with the client resulted in a successful technology platform refresh. By aligning design with user needs, rationalizing reports, implementing self-service support, and optimizing workflows, we delivered a cohesive brand experience that improved usability, transparency, and security for the distributed team.

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