Managing at a Higher Volume

Developing leaders to problem-solve for scale.
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Empowering management to pursue purpose-driven growth solutions to organizational root problems.
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Managing at a Higher Volume

In Summary:

  • Client: A company with 5 offices across the US, recently expanded with 2 offices in New England.
  • Problem: Upward delegation, ineffective problem-solving, ROI communication, misaligned efforts, and unpreparedness for growth.
  • Solution: Leadership development program trained managers in collaborative problem-solving and business case development.
  • Results: Developed 15 business cases, presented 13 to leadership with positive ROI and strategic alignment.
  • Impact: Empowered leaders, reduced upward delegation, improved decision-making, aligned initiatives with strategy, and prepared for growth.

Client Description:

The client was a company with operations spanning across 5 offices in the United States. Recently, the company expanded its presence by adding 2 additional offices in the New England region.


The client was confronted with multiple challenges that needed to be addressed. One significant issue was the prevalence of upward delegation within the organization, where managers were consistently passing problems onto their subordinates instead of taking ownership and finding solutions themselves. This not only hindered the development of effective problem-solving skills among emerging leaders but also led to delays and inefficiencies in resolving critical business issues. Additionally, managers were struggling to convey the return on investment (ROI) of potential solutions to higher-level executives, which impacted decision-making. Furthermore, efforts being pursued by managers were not aligned with the company's overall business strategy, resulting in a misallocation of resources and missed opportunities. Lastly, the company was unprepared to handle the substantial organic growth it was experiencing, lacking the necessary processes and infrastructure to support and sustain it.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive leadership development program was implemented. The program focused on training middle-managers and newly promoted Vice Presidents to enhance their problem-solving capabilities and empower them to take ownership of finding solutions. Through the program, participants learned and practiced methodical and collaborative problem-solving techniques, enabling them to develop detailed business cases. These business cases were then presented to company leadership for prioritization and decision-making.


In just three months, the participants of the leadership development program achieved significant results. They successfully developed 15 comprehensive business cases, covering a wide range of challenges and opportunities within the organization. With the tools and frameworks provided during the training, managers were able to effectively manage the scope of each initiative, ensuring that they were feasible and aligned with the company's resources and strategic objectives. Additionally, participants learned how to analyze and articulate the potential ROI of their proposed solutions, enabling them to present compelling cases to company leadership. As a result, 13 out of the 15 initiatives presented were approved and initiated, showcasing the value and effectiveness of the program.


The implementation of the leadership development program had a transformative impact on the organization. Firstly, it empowered leaders at various levels by equipping them with the necessary skills and confidence to address challenges and contribute to the company's growth. The reduction in upward delegation demonstrated that managers became more proactive in taking ownership of problem-solving, leading to increased efficiency and faster resolution of issues. The improved problem-solving processes also streamlined decision-making within the organization, allowing for more effective allocation of resources and timely responses to critical business issues. By emphasizing alignment with the company's strategic goals, the program ensured that initiatives pursued by managers were in sync with the overall business strategy, eliminating wasteful efforts and maximizing the use of resources. Lastly, the program prepared the organization for substantial organic growth by fostering a culture of strategic thinking and problem-solving among its leaders.


In conclusion, the leadership development program successfully addressed the client's challenges by empowering leaders, reducing upward delegation, improving decision-making, aligning initiatives with strategy, and preparing the organization for growth.

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