From Silo to Symphony: The Journey to Business Maturity

Is your business siloed? Move from a siloed state to a symphonic performance with our guide to choosing the right business maturity model.

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February 15, 2024

In the interconnected world of business, achieving maturity through continuous improvement across an entire organization is a crucial but challenging journey. For our music fans out there, it is equated to transitioning from a siloed operation, where processes and departments function in isolation, to a symphonic one, where all elements harmonize for optimal performance. This journey requires intricate organizational design coupled with a robust growth strategy.

Process Maturity Models vs. Business Maturity Models

In general, maturity models exist to move a business into a more efficient and profitable state. Many different models do this well. However, more often than not, businesses are focused on maturing individual processes or departments as needs arise. They use maturity models specific to domain areas like marketing department maturity or product management maturity. While beneficial in the short term, without looking at the entire organization these tools can destabilize the organizational balance in the long run. A winning strategy encompasses the entire business, ensuring harmony and efficiency throughout.

Embracing a Holistic Business Maturity Model Framework

Another approach to business maturity would take into consideration all of the interworking components of the business. A holistic approach to business maturity goes beyond the individual productivity of any specific domain or process and considers the collective growth in the context of the larger business infrastructure. It calls for an understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of all organizational components and their concurrent development.

The Ripple Effect of Isolated Business Maturity

The Downside of Partial Maturity

Isolated maturity can have unintended consequences, creating an imbalance within the organization. A department that matures faster than others may absorb more resources and unintentionally overshadow other areas, causing internal discord. Culture can be impacted and the organization's capabilities to deliver the value proposition can be reduced.

The Dangers of Organizational Imbalance

An imbalanced organization can compromise its overall health and growth. It may create bottlenecks, obstruct communication, and lead to a decline in efficiency and productivity. Ultimately this impacts the business's profitability and its valuation. Therefore, a balanced approach to business maturity is non-negotiable.

Aligning Business Strategy with Organizational Design

The Interplay Between Growth Strategy and Organizational Maturity

A robust growth strategy should encompass and in most cases, be driven by organizational maturity. Understanding maturity across the entire organization can offer a roadmap for the comprehensive development of all organizational facets that will inevitably drive growth. Incorporating organizational maturity ensures that all processes and departments move forward in harmony.

The Imperative for Unified Business Design

Unified business design is critical to achieving holistic business maturity. It champions a common goal and ensures alignment with the overarching business strategy, promoting cohesion and shared purpose.

Introducing A Holistic Maturity Model

Our Approach to Holistic Maturity

At Novel Work Co., we’ve crafted a tool that enables businesses to assess their current state of maturity and plot their journey toward maturity. This model provides a holistic view of the organization, spotlighting areas of strength and those that need enhancement. Having a healthy and objective understanding of the business’s current maturity, before employing tools such as SWOT for strategic planning, helps make strategic planning efforts more impactful.

Embarking on the Journey to Maturity

Are you ready to progress on your organization's maturity journey? Our Holistic Maturity Model can be your compass, guiding you toward higher profitability and sustainable growth.

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