Prepare to sell a business for maximum value.

Ready to sell your business for the highest possible return? Get more for your investment than just a multiple of revenue or EBITDA by using the Holistic Maturity Model™ as your selling guide.

A business maturity model that delivers a prescriptive path for maximum returns.

The Holistic Maturity Model™ is a framework that helps businesses assess and improve their capabilities prior to selling. Distributed as an assessment, our model evaluates the maturity of a business across core attributes and sub-attributes, along with their interdependencies. A customized report details the findings and provides a comprehensive and prescriptive approach to pursue targeted initiatives to increase your valuation. By using the HMM™ a business will increase its earnings potential and bolster a buyers confidence in the sale.

Holistic Maturity Model™ DT Assessment Report

The Holistic Maturity Model™ Framework

Every organization operates organically across the dimensions of Culture, Capability, and Continuity. Within these dimensions are 10 core attributes, listed here, and over 60 interconnected sub-attributes.

The Holistic Maturity Model™ measures the maturity of the organization in these attributes across 5 unique maturity levels.



The effectiveness of leadership in driving strategic vision, fostering accountability, prioritizing efforts, empowering staff, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.


How people are exposed to and brought into the culture of the organization through shared values, engagement with purpose, clear expectations, adaptation, effective team interaction, and transparency.


The establishment of metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and performance management systems to monitor progress and drive accountability.


The development and management of core business processes, ensuring seamless operations and continuous process improvement.

Tools and Technology

The development and management of core business processes, ensuring seamless operations and continuous process improvement.

Internal People

The organization's focus on attracting, developing, and retaining talented individuals while fostering a culture of learning, diversity, and inclusion. The alignment of the organizational structure with strategic objectives, facilitating efficient communication, decision-making, and cross-functional collaboration.

Value Creation and Delivery

The organization's understanding of customer needs, ability to deliver superior customer experiences, and build lasting relationships through consideration of service delivery, client journey, go-to-market development, market diversity, R&D budgets and designations, sales and marketing effectiveness, storytelling, and market defensibility.

Financial Stewardship

The organization’s competency for financial stability, sustainability, and ability to weather economic uncertainties, while also positioning itself for long-term growth and success.

Partnerships and Relationships

The organization’s competency cultivating partnerships and relationships through alignment with complementary organizations, joint ventures at different levels, engagement with advisors and professional associations, effective public relations, and dedicated relationship management, organizations can foster collaboration, unlock opportunities, and achieve their strategic objectives more effectively.

Governance and Compliance

The establishment of effective governance structures and processes to mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and drive ethical practices. The organization's commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices.

The benefits of using the Holistic Maturity Model to sell your business.

Get a clear picture of the current state of business

Get higher quality buyers

Know exactly the right steps to take for maximum valuation

Get higher engagement for purchase offers

Gain confidence in what you are selling

Capture the highest possible sell price

Prepare your business to sell

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