Brand & Activation

Brand goes beyond the logo. Its purpose is to communicate purpose. We work with the C-suite to help define purpose; and bring it to life through visual and verbal design.

Brand & Activation

How can our brand build equity?

Brand is more than just a logo or the swag bag you give your clients when you close a deal. Great branding represents the culture experienced inside the organization and connects customers and outsiders to the organization's purpose. It also influences perception of companies, products, and internal initiatives.

Our interdisciplinary collective of designers and developers create tools, assets, and content to broadcast client purpose across optimized channels. To leverage the brand to its fullest potential, we guide clients to embed workflows in day-to-day operations.

Brand Story

Develop a story to convey your value and purpose and connect it to customer needs.

Brand Design

Build visual and interactive assets that engage people with your brand story.

Brand Development

Harness digital tools to deepen brand penetration and uncover market potential.

Case Studies

Because of the nature of our engagements, and some of the proprietary work of our clients, we limit our online portfolio. However, we're always happy to introduce you to them!
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I don't know how I could not afford to work with Novel Work Co. in the way we are engaged. It's transformative, from the inside out.

Colt M.
Austin, TX

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